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Intractive content ​doubles conversion

Content & Buyer’s Journey Benchmark research ​conducted by DemandMetric shows that

interactive content generates conversions moderately ​or very well 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for ​passive content

What We Offer

Pay once - use forever

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Fully resizable, allowing ​adjustments for different widget ​sizes on mobile and desktop

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Seamless on mobile devices with ​support for touch gestures, screen ​rotation, and full-screen scaling

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Your website's lifetime companion​—our widget is a one-purchase ​wonder for single-site use.



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No bullshit with ​subscriptions

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Skip the subscription trap—​pay for what you need, not ​endless cycles.

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Say goodbye to subscription ​shackles and hello to ​ownership.

No mad pricing

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Once in your shoes, I know ​$30/yr for a widget is steep—​our sensible pricing reflects ​that understanding.

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No surprises, just ​straightforward pricing—​because you deserve clarity.

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